Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Nazi Joe Speaks Out ( Without Thinking)!

According to Joe Ratsarse, quondam member of the Hitler Youth, and currently masquerading as Pope Benedict XVI in his annual Xmas address to the Curia:
"The distinction between male and female is innate...it is God's will...and anyone who does not live according to God's will is as great a threat to mankind as global warming!"
So all you poofs, trannies, sex-changers, and other forms of disgusting deviant transgendered folk are as threatening to the human race as global warming and are an vile abomination to God.

Presumably the Roman Catholic clergy will now eschew the wearing of their sumptuous frocks, and Pope Joe will be leading by example (according to the Vatican, the frock he is wearing in the piccie cost 173,000 euros - excluding the jewelllery).

However, the Vatican were quick to jump to Joey's defence, saying that he was only saying what he believed, and that we had no right to criticise him for doing so.

Presumably, therefore, the Vatican will allow me the same privilege when I say that Joey Ratsarse is a fucking ignorant psychopathological bigoted fuckwit and that the ordure which he spouts defiles the universe.

Oh, and if this so-called 'God' of theirs is listening - he's a fuckwit too for allowing Joey to be his spokesperson.