Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Nazi Joe Speaks Out ( Without Thinking)!

According to Joe Ratsarse, quondam member of the Hitler Youth, and currently masquerading as Pope Benedict XVI in his annual Xmas address to the Curia:
"The distinction between male and female is innate...it is God's will...and anyone who does not live according to God's will is as great a threat to mankind as global warming!"
So all you poofs, trannies, sex-changers, and other forms of disgusting deviant transgendered folk are as threatening to the human race as global warming and are an vile abomination to God.

Presumably the Roman Catholic clergy will now eschew the wearing of their sumptuous frocks, and Pope Joe will be leading by example (according to the Vatican, the frock he is wearing in the piccie cost 173,000 euros - excluding the jewelllery).

However, the Vatican were quick to jump to Joey's defence, saying that he was only saying what he believed, and that we had no right to criticise him for doing so.

Presumably, therefore, the Vatican will allow me the same privilege when I say that Joey Ratsarse is a fucking ignorant psychopathological bigoted fuckwit and that the ordure which he spouts defiles the universe.

Oh, and if this so-called 'God' of theirs is listening - he's a fuckwit too for allowing Joey to be his spokesperson.



papalazarou said...

Guffaw indeed. Once a Nazi always a Nazi my dad used to say - and he ought to have known coz he was a bigot too

Just gotta love those dresses

ChuckArv said...

The "brazen effrontery" of this latest rendition of self-righteous papal fuckheads seems even a notch less "thoughtful" than the more recent batch of Centuries-long, carefully honed and practiced, MONUMENTALLY lying examples of asininity.
"And...OY VEY...the mental Colonoscopy-like stench!"
Perhaps the hard cover Douay version of the Bible up his ass, just got lodged a tad closer to his already constipated and rapidly fossilizing brain...?
Am I being too overly harsh for my first comment here...my dear, Old Git?
What's that?..."and a Happy New Year to you, too...fella"?

The Merchant of Menace said...

Thanks for your comment, ChuchArv; it may be your first here, but I hope it's not your last.

As for questioning whether it is too harsh, more like it is too lenient in your assessment of the vile atrocities perpetrated by these phoney mendacious merchants every day in the name of their religion on the rest of us.

Still, it is all rather amusing considering that one of their fundamental tenets is supposedly the exhortation that they must not lie, because what is all religion if not a lie? It certainly isn't empirical truth, for there is, and never has been, any evidence that any one of the 4,362 so-called 'gods' that mankind has invented over the millennia has ever existed, except in the dysfunctional psyches of those who claim to 'believe' in them.

Liars all, and fuckwits too!