Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cardinal Sodoff Confesses: It's All A Joke!

Cardinal Angelo Sodoff has at last come clean and confessed that God is just a joke and that the Church of Rome is no more than a perpetual confidence trick perpetrated on the gullible and needy in order to keep him and his kind in the luxurious lifestyle which they believe they deserve.

In his defence, however, Sodoff did explain that the Church of Rome is indistinguishable in its perfidy from the Anglican Communion, or any of what he called 'the other joke religions of the world', since all of them 'were at it', as he put it so pithily.

Nevertheless, it did come as something of a surprise to observe this 'Prince of the Church' sitting on his throne in St Peters whilst he told his audience that they had all been duped by a bunch of charlatans like himself 'ever since Jesus stood up and proclaimed that he was the Son of God'. As the Cardinal went on to say, 'If God had existed, then we could all claim to have been his progeny, since he allegedly created everything, but he didn't and he hadn't and we aren't, so there'.

At that point, once of the members of his Eminence's audience stood up and demanded, 'If you are saying that everything that you told us before was a pack of lies, why should we believe you now?' and immediately his voice was enjoined by the others, all of whom were making similar demands of the wily old prelate. Whereupon Angelo Sodoff stood up, towering above the clamouring masses in his 6-inch stiletto heels by Jimmy Choo, raised his bejewelled hands above their heads and solemnly proclaimed, 'Don't worry, my children, this was just a test of your faith, which I am glad to say you all passed. Now my acolytes will circulate amongst you with their begging-bowls and you will be expected to give generously!' And with that, Sodoff pirouetted whilst gathering his silken and lace robes around his loins, and minced off to find new sheep to sheer.

Friday, February 20, 2009

A True Believer?

Shock, horror! Today Richard Dawkins, quondam Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science at Oxford University admitted to this reporter that he would readily believe in the entity which religious people refer to as 'God' if there was a single scintilla of credible evidence that such a phenomenon existed, or ever had done.

As if God needs Dawkins' endorsement, for anyone or anything which can create the entire Universe within a measly 6 human days needs the acknowledgement of a mere human being, even if he is an intellectual giant dedicated to the discovery and exposition of observable fact (and who conducts himself with decorum and integrity which is lost on his detractors). To believe otherwise is to demonstrate a hubris which is as monumental as the edifices of all the churches built in God's name.

Oh dear, it is truly sad the depths to which these fanatical and militant atheists will go in order to deny the truth of God's existence.

One only has to look at the suffering that God the creator of everything visits on the world and those of us in it for evidence of His benevolence towards us.

And why do you think, Mr Clever Atheist, does God the all-powerful allow evil to exist if it was not to drive us into His loving arms?

Next, you clever biologist you, will be telling us that it is impossible for a virgin to have given birth to God's Son, Jesus, when The Bible tells us that it was so. How do you know that doctors in the Ancient World hadn't discovered the technique of artificial insemination, Mr Clever-Dick Dawkins?

Frankly, I'll just bet that you are now trying to cover your bets seeing as how you are nearing the point where you shuffle of this mortal coil, but God won't be fooled, Mr Dawkins. Whilst the Devil might make Him look stupid from time to time, you won't, I'm afraid.

Besides, making 'God' look stupid should be left to the professionals - those who profess to believe in this non-existent delusional fantasy, particularly the ones who hold high office in that self-appointed clique called 'the clergy', who set themselves up as special interpreters and spokespersons on 'His' behalf.

Show me a true believer in 'God' and I will show you a psychopatholgically dysfunctional psyche, and those who are not psychopathic are not true believers but simply mouthing meaningless platitudes in the hope that they can make some capital out of it.

Who Says Christains Are Mad?

Hi, I'm Charles V Danziger III.

When I told my psychiatrist that I believed that a tribe of magical two-headed dwarves lived under my bed and came out to play tricks on me only after I had fallen asleep, he diagnosed me as suffering from delusional psychosis and prescribed a course of risperidone to counter my psychotic behaviour.

On my next visit, however, I told him that I no longer believed in dwarves under my bed, but instead had come to believe in a magical giant who lived in the sky and who had created everything, including my disturbed fantasies, my psychiatrist asked me if this giant had a name. When I told him that the giant's name was 'God', the psychiatrist immediately fell upon his knees, raised both arms in supplication, begged mercy from my ephemeral, all-powerful giant, and pronounced me sane.

Actually he didn't, because they never do, but what he did say was that because my delusions were now fixated on a culturally sanctioned nonsensical and unsupported belief system, the psychiatric profession pusillanimously refused to categorise them as qualitatively undifferentiated from my earlier delusions regarding magic dwarves living under my bed. In short, my learned professional insisted, even though my proclaimed belief in 'God' was unsubstantiated in reality, his profession was prepared to overlook my latest delusional beliefs because to do otherwise would attract attacks from the powerful cadre of manipulators and extortionists who have set themselves up as the special and knowledgeable spokespersons for this so-called God that they promulgate to the psychologically damaged and needy like myself.

As if anyone would do such an underhand thing as to proclaim that God exists if He didn't!

As my priest said to me when I subsequently recounted all this to him, "Why do you think God sent those dwarves to torment you if it wasn't to direct you to Him?"

Why indeedy, Mr Psychiatrist!

So, now Father Aloysius and I spend lovely evenings together in mutual masturbation whilst he tells me wonderful stories about God and his magical son Jesus and how I'm now one of the chosen ones that will live for ever after in Never-Never-Land (which the ignorant refer to as 'Heaven') whilst all you unbelievers will simply die and cease to exist.

Who says Christians are mad?

Another Abominable Preacher, or Preacher of Abomination.

The piece of human ordure pictured here is none other than Fred Phelps of the Western Baptist Church in the Yoo-Ess-Of-Ay, which is noted for it's rabid hatred of homosexuals and preaching that they should be expunged from the face of the Earth in their vicious "God's" name.

Fred, and his daughter Shirley Phelps-Roper, intended visiting the UK to protest against a play called The Laramie Project being staged in Queen Mary's College, Basingstoke, about a man killed for being gay. As Fred said recently:
"God hates Gays, He tells us so in the Bible, and that's why he had His own Son crucified!"
Fortunately for us, HMG doesn't share Fred's repulsive homophobic views and has banned him and his misbegotten daughter from entering the UK. The UK Border Agency said it opposed "extremism in all its forms". A spokesman added: "Both these individuals have engaged in unacceptable behaviour by inciting hatred against a number of communities."

Not to be outdone, Shirley riposted with the accusation that the British government is "filthy" for thinking they have the power "to keep the word of God from coming into her borders". As for the Western Baptist Church, it's website proclaims:
"In merry old England they plan to further enrage the living God by putting on the farce known commonly as The Laramie Project.

We will picket them, and see if they actually believe those lies they tell about how tolerant and accepting Brits are."

Obviously these guys are so homophobic that they completely ignore all of Jesus' exhortations to 'love one another' - no doubt because they think it it smacks of 'gayness'. Guffaw.

Furthermore, since there is no credible empiric evidence that there is any such thing as 'the living God' that these sick and degenerate fuckwits in the Western Baptist Church - or any other fucking church, for that matter - continually rant on about, their claims as to the existence of such an entity are based on nothing other than their own self-delusion and psychopathological needs. In short, their so-called beliefs fail to meet the criteria of that which epistemologists and psychologists define as 'justified true belief', which makes them all delusional psychopaths.

Frankly, I think that the US authorities should ensure that members of the WBC are kept in a secure facility for the mentally insane and never allowed out in public. Furthermore, the medical team charged with their welfare should up the dosage of risperidone, as quite clearly they are all dangerously out of touch with reality and are a menace to the rest of us.

Is There Any Difference?

The right-wing buffoon and crypto-fascist pictured is none other than Roman Catholic Bishop Richard Williamson who has just been ordered out of Argentina otherwise they will expel him, according to the BBC (by the way, what is the difference between ordering someone out and expelling them?).

According to a recent interview given to Swedish TV, Dick 'The Prick' Williamson declaimed:
"I believe that the historical evidence is strongly against, is hugely against, six million Jews having been deliberately gassed in gas chambers as a deliberate policy of Adolf Hitler."
No doubt Wily Williamson was just trying to ingratiate himself with his boss and former member of the Hitler youth, Joey 'Ratsarse' Ratzinger, AKA Pope Benzedrine XVI, without appreciating that Josef doesn't like to be reminded of his misspent younger days when he enjoyed strutting around in that lovely black uniform and patent leather boots, kicking sand into the eyes of 7-stone weaklings and those with a Semitic stripe. Now Il Poopoo has ordered Williamson to recant, otherwise he'll revoke the Bishop's altar-boy shagging privileges, which has annoyed Tricky Dickie enormously.

"What's the difference," he bleated, "between denying that the Nazis killed 6 million Jews and claiming that some supernatural prestidigitator called 'God' created the universe? Both are lies of the same magnitude!"

Ratfink Josef was less than impressed with Dicko's analogy, however. He was overheard muttering to some members of the Curia, "That's complete nonsense, for there is solid evidence that we , I mean the Nazis, did murder 6 million Jews, but there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that our make-believe 'God' exists!"

Which brings us back to the question being pondered by the Very Reprehensible Bishop in the picture above.

Qualitatively there is no difference; both assertions are the product of mendacity or delusion, but then that's the definition of religion.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Which Superstition Is More Ridiculously Risible?

Some of the Christian wallahs that I have the misfortune of living amongst have poked fun and ridicule at a report on ABC to the effect that a group of Indian tribals have married off one year old Sangula Munda to a female dog in eastern India in a bid to prevent his predicted death at the hands of a tiger. Some of the criticisms raised by these Christian supremacists who are, incidentally, high in the ranks of the Anglican clergy, are that these poor people are 'backward', 'superstitious' and/or 'ignorant', despite the fact that the ceremony was held at a Hindu temple and was conducted by a Hindu priest with all the rituals observed at traditional weddings, including a dowry for the canine bride. And this in a week when that Arch-Bozo John Sentamu (see here) claimed that Christains were the embodiment of 'charity and compassion'. Guffaw! Frankly, there is absolutely no qualitative, logical, scientific, or psychological difference between the nonsense believed in by a Hindu priest, the 'group of Indian tribals', or the clergy and flock of the Anglican Communion - or Christians in toto - so the criticism by my so-called Christian neighbours is not only completely misplaced but totally egregious in the extreme.

In short, all religious belief is based on backwardness, superstition, ignorance, and psychological neediness, and none of it has any underpinnings of logic or empiric evidence to substantiate it; it is, by definition, simply based on 'faith' - i.e. the hope that things are as one would like them to be, and not as they really are - the power of self-delusion, and a complete willingness to shun critical analysis of the entirely spurious claims made by religious adherents.

Marrying a child to a dog is no more ridiculous than the Christian claims that a non-existent person called 'Jesus' fed 5000 people with a couple of fish and a few loaves of bread, or that he was born of a virgin, or rose from the dead - to name but some of the nonsense put about in this non-existent person's name.

Neither does it explain why these Christian fascists like to claim that their particular so-called 'god' is any more real than any of the other 4,536 known 'gods' that mankind has invented over the millennia.

For Christians the answer to that is simple: all the other 4535 'gods' are imaginary, as only theirs is the 'real deal'.

Oh dear, I'm going to have an apoplexy laughing myself sick at that one.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sentamu: Christians are regarded as 'mad' by society.

According to The Telegraph today Arch-Bozo John Sentamu, pictured, claims that society considers Christians to be mad, but the reasons he gives are not the real ones, since few if any Christians I have ever encountered are motivated by the 'charity and compassion' Sentamu claims to be the mark of one of his delusional flock of sheep.

In fact, any member of society who is intellectually honest enough and not so psychopathologically dysfunctional that they are not willing to admit the truth should be prepared to admit that people who believe in non-existent supernatural entities are mad, whether they give those entities grand names such as 'God' or facetious ones such as 'The Flying Spaghetti Monster', for there is no difference in their psychological states; they are at best delusional and at worst seriously mad.

So, which are you, John Sentamu?

Or perhaps you are just the third kind of so-called Christian? One of those who simply professes the faith in order to exploit the weaknesses of others for your own self-aggrandisement and self-promotion?

Meanwhile, it's about time that more honest people spoke out and put you and your lot in their place, for all religious faiths are fundamentally just a means of enslaving and exploiting the masses by those who simply enjoy manipulating others.