Friday, February 20, 2009

Is There Any Difference?

The right-wing buffoon and crypto-fascist pictured is none other than Roman Catholic Bishop Richard Williamson who has just been ordered out of Argentina otherwise they will expel him, according to the BBC (by the way, what is the difference between ordering someone out and expelling them?).

According to a recent interview given to Swedish TV, Dick 'The Prick' Williamson declaimed:
"I believe that the historical evidence is strongly against, is hugely against, six million Jews having been deliberately gassed in gas chambers as a deliberate policy of Adolf Hitler."
No doubt Wily Williamson was just trying to ingratiate himself with his boss and former member of the Hitler youth, Joey 'Ratsarse' Ratzinger, AKA Pope Benzedrine XVI, without appreciating that Josef doesn't like to be reminded of his misspent younger days when he enjoyed strutting around in that lovely black uniform and patent leather boots, kicking sand into the eyes of 7-stone weaklings and those with a Semitic stripe. Now Il Poopoo has ordered Williamson to recant, otherwise he'll revoke the Bishop's altar-boy shagging privileges, which has annoyed Tricky Dickie enormously.

"What's the difference," he bleated, "between denying that the Nazis killed 6 million Jews and claiming that some supernatural prestidigitator called 'God' created the universe? Both are lies of the same magnitude!"

Ratfink Josef was less than impressed with Dicko's analogy, however. He was overheard muttering to some members of the Curia, "That's complete nonsense, for there is solid evidence that we , I mean the Nazis, did murder 6 million Jews, but there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that our make-believe 'God' exists!"

Which brings us back to the question being pondered by the Very Reprehensible Bishop in the picture above.

Qualitatively there is no difference; both assertions are the product of mendacity or delusion, but then that's the definition of religion.

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