Friday, February 20, 2009

A True Believer?

Shock, horror! Today Richard Dawkins, quondam Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science at Oxford University admitted to this reporter that he would readily believe in the entity which religious people refer to as 'God' if there was a single scintilla of credible evidence that such a phenomenon existed, or ever had done.

As if God needs Dawkins' endorsement, for anyone or anything which can create the entire Universe within a measly 6 human days needs the acknowledgement of a mere human being, even if he is an intellectual giant dedicated to the discovery and exposition of observable fact (and who conducts himself with decorum and integrity which is lost on his detractors). To believe otherwise is to demonstrate a hubris which is as monumental as the edifices of all the churches built in God's name.

Oh dear, it is truly sad the depths to which these fanatical and militant atheists will go in order to deny the truth of God's existence.

One only has to look at the suffering that God the creator of everything visits on the world and those of us in it for evidence of His benevolence towards us.

And why do you think, Mr Clever Atheist, does God the all-powerful allow evil to exist if it was not to drive us into His loving arms?

Next, you clever biologist you, will be telling us that it is impossible for a virgin to have given birth to God's Son, Jesus, when The Bible tells us that it was so. How do you know that doctors in the Ancient World hadn't discovered the technique of artificial insemination, Mr Clever-Dick Dawkins?

Frankly, I'll just bet that you are now trying to cover your bets seeing as how you are nearing the point where you shuffle of this mortal coil, but God won't be fooled, Mr Dawkins. Whilst the Devil might make Him look stupid from time to time, you won't, I'm afraid.

Besides, making 'God' look stupid should be left to the professionals - those who profess to believe in this non-existent delusional fantasy, particularly the ones who hold high office in that self-appointed clique called 'the clergy', who set themselves up as special interpreters and spokespersons on 'His' behalf.

Show me a true believer in 'God' and I will show you a psychopatholgically dysfunctional psyche, and those who are not psychopathic are not true believers but simply mouthing meaningless platitudes in the hope that they can make some capital out of it.

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