Saturday, March 14, 2009

Atheism Equals Religious Honesty!

The National Secular Society has brought out a 'Certificate of Debaptism' which has been downloaded over 60,000 times since it became available online. Admittedly it is seen as a bit of a joke but the underlying principle is entirely serious. So much so that today the BBC has taken up the story and published it, though the report does add that:
The Church wonders aloud why, if atheists and secularists believe baptism is so meaningless, they are letting it upset them.
Nevertheless, they do supply the answer to the Churches' protestations by giving the last word in their report to John Hunt, the protagonist of the story who 'debaptised' himself:
"I think it's important that more people speak out and say they don't subscribe to the historic beliefs of the Church."
I would go further; not only is it important not to subscribe to the spurious superstitious and delusional 'beliefs' of religious people, but that one should challenge the organisations which support them with the fraudulent claims that the supernatural entity which they refer to as 'God' exists, or ever has done.

The fact remains that all so-called 'religious belief' is quantitatively indistinguishable from any other form of delusional psychopathology. Just because the ignorant, the superstitious and the psychologically needy have been with us for millennia is no reason for perpetrating the lie that is religion or giving the parasites who promulgate the fraud that religion represents succour and freedom from excoriation by honest people.

Which brings me back to the title to this piece: 'Atheism Equals Religious Honesty!' for you will certainly get no honesty from any religious organisation or soi-disant religious believer when it comes to addressing the lies which they promulgate and claim to 'believe' in, because their whole edifice of so-called 'belief' is based on a gross impairment of their inability to test objective reality.

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