Thursday, April 16, 2009

Women Are To Blame, Says Religious Leader

So, the loonies have escaped from the asylum once again, though I don't suppose that the Saudi Arabian Muslim cleric, Sheikh Muhammad al-Habadan, considers himself as mad, though he is undoubtedly completely stark-raving bonkers and a misogynist to boot.

According to this clownish cleric, allowing women to show both eyes peering from behind a niqab encourages them to be seductive, so he wants them to be forced to cover up one eye and thereby restrict their ability to drive good Muslim men into paroxysms of uncontrollable erotic fantasies and distract them from the teachings of Allah.

Well, apart from it being just plain wrong to blame women qua women for the actions of lascivious men, the proposal is clearly unworkable, since women with only one eye peering from their niqab could be accused of giveing men the 'come on' every time they blinked naturally.

A better suggestion for Sheikh al-Habadan to have made is that all Muslim women should be blinded in both eyes with a sharp stick so that they couldn't use those organs for seducing otherwise good Muslim men from the narrow path of the faithful.

Of course that would be unlikely to stop those wanton women from flaunting themselves seductively in other ways, so it might be better if the good Sheikh also suggested that they had both their tits carved off with a blunt scimitar and their vagina's stuffed full of broken glass, for surely no Muslim man would find them desirable then.

There is another way to address the problem of women leading men astray, however: cut the dicks of every Muslim man, starting with Sheikh Muhammad al-Habadan!

And without the use on anaesthetic too.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Quiz For Muslims

Question: Where else would a 60 year old man be allowed to marry an 8 year old little girl? (NB: The clue is in the piccie).

Answer: In Saudi Arabia,the state in which the holiest of Muslim shrines is situate, of course. After all, it was good enough for Muhammad to marry a little girl, which is no doubt why earlier this year, the country's highest religious authority, the Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Shaikh said that it was not against Islamic law to marry off young girls to lecherous old men who pay the children's families large dowries for the undoubted privilege.

But it's OK because it is Insha'Allah!

Despite an attempt by the girl's mother to have the marriage annulled, a court in Unaiza upheld the marriage but the judge said that that once the little girl reached puberty, she could ask for a divorce.

If it wasn't so fucking sick, it would be funny!

PS: Those who want more details can find them here.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The New Messiah Has Cometh - Haleweeja!

Following on from my report the other day linking to Richard Dawkins' satirical expose of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, the BBC's religious affairs correspondent has now decided to redress the balance by singing the praises of Mr Mendacity. Those who are interested in sycophantic prose and Tony's sanctimonious platitudes can find the article here, but I quote this brief excerpt for those of you who can read only so much pap before feeling nauseated:
I'm really and always have been in a way more interested in religion than politics [said Tony, and he continued by saying that he is] really, really committed to finding a way of making religious faith relevant to the modern world".
But the most revealing remark of all was when BBC's correspondent went on to state that Blair had claimed that:
"...the secular world needs to understand religion."
Tony, the secular world does understand religion; religion is a mental disorder, just like schizophrenia or any other form of psychotic disorder.

Blair concluded the interview by handing out photographs of himself (one of which is reproduced above) with these prophetic words:
"This is not for me a 'this year and next year' project. This is a rest of my life project. So over time people will be able to see you in a different light."
Perhaps we should just grant you your wish and proclaim you as the new Messiah before nailing you to the cross like the(war)criminal you are, you poor rich (see footnote) and manipulative psychopathic buffoon?

Footnote: According to 'The Telegraph' 'Bunco' Blair is the most highly paid speaker on the planet, recently earning as much as £6,000 per minute for addressing a 2,000-strong audience in Manila, and his vast earnings could very well net him a staggering £80 million by the time he reaches retirement age in 10 years' time. Naturally, like the good Christian and would-be Messiah, Tone is giving it all away to the poor - NOT. I'm also willing to bet that our Tone, the good socialist that he is, is resorting to the legal practice of 'tax avoidance' to spare handing over too much of his wealth to the rest of us, even though his former Chancellor and current incumbent of his old office still refers to tax avoidance as if it is a synonym for the highly-illegal 'tax evasion'. Sauce for the goose, eh Tone?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Archbishop Praises Terrorist.

According to the BBC, today, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, will tell the congregation at Canterbury Cathedral:
"The present financial crisis has dealt a heavy blow to the idea that human fulfilment can be thought about just in terms of material growth and possession."
Williams will then tell his huddled flock of sheep that religion is the only way to achieve fulfilment, and gives this as a fine example:
"It's worth remembering that Paul of Tarsus joined the Christian community not as a well-meaning religious enquirer but as someone who had been the equivalent of a terrorist gunman, someone who had supervised the activities of a private militia devoted to abducting and imprisoning members of the Christian sect. He is a perfectly intelligible figure in the back streets of modern Beirut or Baghdad."
Presumably Williams means by this that religious communities should give support and succour to murderous terrorists and that they, in turn, should feel safe in seeking refuge under the holey umbrella (or should that be 'holy umbrella') of religion.

Don't you think that your exhortation constitute an offence under the Terrorism Act 2006, Dr Williams?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Why We Must Give Religion The Respect It Deserves.

According to a recent article in the 'New Statesman'our quondam leader, Tony 'Baloney' B-liar said:
"Religion has never mattered more to the world than it does now."
Mr Mendacity went on to give his reason why:
"In this globalised world, we are more than ever interconnected, but we are also more uncertain. What were firm boundaries of race, culture and identity are becoming fluid. In such a world the involvement of religion becomes ever more crucial. It can either play a positive role, helping to deepen understanding and working for the common good, or it can be exploited to become destructive, emphasising difference and reinforcing distrust of the 'other'."
There follows paragraph after paragraph of mawkish prose in an attempt to justify Blair's own psychopathological need to 'do God', to use his own inimitable words, and why he thinks that it is important for the rest of us to give religion the respect (he thinks that) it deserves.

Normally, I would be happy to dissect Blair's empty rhetoric and expose it for the specious mumbo-jumbo it is, but this time Richard Dawkins has done it for me (and a far better job he has done of it that I could have). Dawkins' response can also be found in the 'New Statesman' but some of his best satire is reproduced here:
"...we need to understand and sympathise with the deep hurt and offence that a man can feel if we insult his traditional beliefs by trying to stop him beating his wife, or setting fire to his daughter or cutting off her clitoris (and please don’t let’s hear any racist or Islamophobic objections to these important expressions of faith). We shall support the introduction of sharia courts, but on a strictly voluntary basis – only for those whose husbands and fathers freely choose it."
To those of you who enjoy elegant prose, especially when it is satirical, I can do no better than direct you to Dawkin's piece in its entirety, the link to which is given above (or here for those who missed it).

But before you all rush off, let me just take issue with one of Blair's egregiously false statements:
"I set up the Tony Blair Faith Foundation make the case for religion as a force for good..."
Well, Tony, if you really wanted to do some good in the world (apart from promoting your own needy psychopathology and overblown self-esteem, that is) you would have set up a foundation to expose religion, ALL RELIGION, as the completely specious nonsense that it is. However, I suspect that you have always subscribed to the following words ascribed to Cardinal Caraffa (subsequently Pope Paul IV) for these demonstrate the only justification for religion apart from it being a means of controlling the masses by duplicitous exploiters, pathological manipulators and complete charlatans like yourself:
"Populus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur (the public wishes to be fooled, therefore let it be fooled)."
Unfortunately for you, Tony, and all the exploitative scum who hold some religious office, the public are becoming more and more aware of the fact the basis of all religion is based on nothing more than mumbo-jumbo and has no basis in objective fact whatsoever.

To paraphrase Georges Rey, Tony, at some level you are a liar, but then we all knew that.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Some Things Are Sacrosanct (To Some Atheists)!

I am rather amused by the reaction of some atheists in a thread on the 'God Is For Suckers' site referring to the legalisation of 'gay marriage' in Vermont, USA . The thread commenced with a graphic of Batman and Robin kissing one another and a couple of commentators took exception to it, complaining that the graphic sullied the credentials of entities whom they admired and felt were deserving of unquestionable respect, apparently. (Alert readers will note that those who complained that Batman and Robin were somehow sullied by the merest suggestion that they were gay suggests that the complainers consider that the condition of homosexuality is somehow less worthy of respect than heterosexuality, which indicates a great deal about their true feelings on the subject. But, hey ho, it's not only theists who are homophobic, unfortunately, though they can blame their attitudes as 'religiously sanctioned', at least.)

Also lost on those complainers objecting to their imaginary heroes being 'sullied' with the suggestion of homosexuality was the fact that the site regularly uses pictures and graphics of other imaginary entities in a humorous, sarcastic, mocking or satirical way, despite the fact that it is known that these usages are offensive to people of a religious persuasion. So, as far as the complainers are concerned, it is OK for them to mock an imaginary creature called 'God' but don't anyone dare to do the same for the equally imaginary creatures known as Batman and Robin.

Strangely enough, when one commentator asked the complainers to explain why it is OK for them to mock the revered and respected objects of those foolish enough to claim to be religious but that one must not to mock Batman and Robin, thereby offending people like themselves who apparently imbue those imaginary creatures with some kind of misplaced reverence and respect, that commentator was met with vituperation and calumny by one of the Moderators on the site who goes by the pseudonym' Krystalline Apostate'.

One is left with the ineluctable conclusion that people like 'KA' are indistinguishable from those of a religious persuasion: both believe that imaginary entities they choose to support should be treated with respect and that their reputations should be unsullied and sacrosanct; they also appear to be closet homophobes. What a bunch of fuckwits.

Thanks for demonstrating your complete lack of personal integrity and non-existent intellectual rigour, KA, but if you don't like this comment you can console yourself with the recollection that it was you who told me to fuck off back to my own blog and post my comments there rather than question your delicate sensibilities on GIFS.

One final thing, KA, if you don't like reading my comments here, you can take the advice you gave me and fuck off back to whence you came for you are simply another ignorant, foul-mouthed, mendacious and duplicitous prat, and there is truly nothing to distinguish you from the theists whom who pour excoriation on.

Batman and Robin are neither any more real than 'God' is, you delusional moron, and neither should they be free from mockery or satire.

Thanks for demonstrating what a buffoon you really are, Douglas. Little wonder you are a laughing-stock behind your back.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Thousands of Mulsims Pray the Wrong Way!

According to a report on the BBC, some 200 mosques in Islam's holiest city, Mecca, point the wrong way for prayers as the mosques were not built precisely based on the qibla, the official alignment with the holy Kaaba shrine at the centre of Mecca's Al-Haram mosque. Apparently some worshippers are said to be anxious about the validity of their prayers - and so they should be, though not for the reason stated but because prayers to an imaginary magic entity in the sky are no more than a lot of hopeful wish-fulfilment and hot air. However, Tawfik al-Sudairy, Islamic affairs ministry deputy secretary, downplayed the problem, saying:
"In any case, it does not affect the prayers."
How right you are Tawfik, which just shows that you are not as credulous as the ignorant masses you are happy to exploit for your own benefit and self-aggrandisement.