Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The New Messiah Has Cometh - Haleweeja!

Following on from my report the other day linking to Richard Dawkins' satirical expose of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, the BBC's religious affairs correspondent has now decided to redress the balance by singing the praises of Mr Mendacity. Those who are interested in sycophantic prose and Tony's sanctimonious platitudes can find the article here, but I quote this brief excerpt for those of you who can read only so much pap before feeling nauseated:
I'm really and always have been in a way more interested in religion than politics [said Tony, and he continued by saying that he is] really, really committed to finding a way of making religious faith relevant to the modern world".
But the most revealing remark of all was when BBC's correspondent went on to state that Blair had claimed that:
"...the secular world needs to understand religion."
Tony, the secular world does understand religion; religion is a mental disorder, just like schizophrenia or any other form of psychotic disorder.

Blair concluded the interview by handing out photographs of himself (one of which is reproduced above) with these prophetic words:
"This is not for me a 'this year and next year' project. This is a rest of my life project. So over time people will be able to see you in a different light."
Perhaps we should just grant you your wish and proclaim you as the new Messiah before nailing you to the cross like the(war)criminal you are, you poor rich (see footnote) and manipulative psychopathic buffoon?

Footnote: According to 'The Telegraph' 'Bunco' Blair is the most highly paid speaker on the planet, recently earning as much as £6,000 per minute for addressing a 2,000-strong audience in Manila, and his vast earnings could very well net him a staggering £80 million by the time he reaches retirement age in 10 years' time. Naturally, like the good Christian and would-be Messiah, Tone is giving it all away to the poor - NOT. I'm also willing to bet that our Tone, the good socialist that he is, is resorting to the legal practice of 'tax avoidance' to spare handing over too much of his wealth to the rest of us, even though his former Chancellor and current incumbent of his old office still refers to tax avoidance as if it is a synonym for the highly-illegal 'tax evasion'. Sauce for the goose, eh Tone?

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