Thursday, April 09, 2009

Some Things Are Sacrosanct (To Some Atheists)!

I am rather amused by the reaction of some atheists in a thread on the 'God Is For Suckers' site referring to the legalisation of 'gay marriage' in Vermont, USA . The thread commenced with a graphic of Batman and Robin kissing one another and a couple of commentators took exception to it, complaining that the graphic sullied the credentials of entities whom they admired and felt were deserving of unquestionable respect, apparently. (Alert readers will note that those who complained that Batman and Robin were somehow sullied by the merest suggestion that they were gay suggests that the complainers consider that the condition of homosexuality is somehow less worthy of respect than heterosexuality, which indicates a great deal about their true feelings on the subject. But, hey ho, it's not only theists who are homophobic, unfortunately, though they can blame their attitudes as 'religiously sanctioned', at least.)

Also lost on those complainers objecting to their imaginary heroes being 'sullied' with the suggestion of homosexuality was the fact that the site regularly uses pictures and graphics of other imaginary entities in a humorous, sarcastic, mocking or satirical way, despite the fact that it is known that these usages are offensive to people of a religious persuasion. So, as far as the complainers are concerned, it is OK for them to mock an imaginary creature called 'God' but don't anyone dare to do the same for the equally imaginary creatures known as Batman and Robin.

Strangely enough, when one commentator asked the complainers to explain why it is OK for them to mock the revered and respected objects of those foolish enough to claim to be religious but that one must not to mock Batman and Robin, thereby offending people like themselves who apparently imbue those imaginary creatures with some kind of misplaced reverence and respect, that commentator was met with vituperation and calumny by one of the Moderators on the site who goes by the pseudonym' Krystalline Apostate'.

One is left with the ineluctable conclusion that people like 'KA' are indistinguishable from those of a religious persuasion: both believe that imaginary entities they choose to support should be treated with respect and that their reputations should be unsullied and sacrosanct; they also appear to be closet homophobes. What a bunch of fuckwits.

Thanks for demonstrating your complete lack of personal integrity and non-existent intellectual rigour, KA, but if you don't like this comment you can console yourself with the recollection that it was you who told me to fuck off back to my own blog and post my comments there rather than question your delicate sensibilities on GIFS.

One final thing, KA, if you don't like reading my comments here, you can take the advice you gave me and fuck off back to whence you came for you are simply another ignorant, foul-mouthed, mendacious and duplicitous prat, and there is truly nothing to distinguish you from the theists whom who pour excoriation on.

Batman and Robin are neither any more real than 'God' is, you delusional moron, and neither should they be free from mockery or satire.

Thanks for demonstrating what a buffoon you really are, Douglas. Little wonder you are a laughing-stock behind your back.


Krystalline Apostate said...

What a surprise - you went bipolar again.
As usual, your opinion is based on your fragile fucking feelings.
I objected to the picture because it was inaccurate. You read a whole lotta shit into what I said that wasn't there. I explained all this stupidity.
As to the 'closet homophobe', fuck you you whiny little cunt. I've been fighting for gay rights online since 2006, & my public record stands on that.
Be thankful you're not @ arm's length.
I've got better shit to do than deal w/a preening prima donna who can dish it out but not take it, like go shovel water.

Krystalline Apostate said...

Here's my response

The Merchant of Menace said...

Gosh, you've been fighting for gay rights since as long ago as 2006 - wow, I am impressed, Douglas (NOT), since some of us have been doing so since before you were born.

Interesting also that you are so ready to resort to offensive sexual abuse, but if you think that I'm a 'cunt' then I'm not really surprised at your pathetic failure to form a long-term a heterosexual relationship. But never mind, Douglas, there's absolutely nothing wrong with being a homosexual, even if you do find it so repulsive to give into your 'secret' desires. (BTW, which one do you fancy the most, Batman or Robin?)

Amusing, too, that you are so quick to threaten physical violence to me, you brave, brave person you - but then you wouldn't need your 30 years martial arts experience to beat the shit out of a nonagenarian who has difficulty walking without the use of a Zimmer frame, you cowardly, cowardly, foul-mouthed, bullying and mendacious creep.

Oh, BTW, sorry to disappoint you, but I don't find your execrable prose and duplicitous distortions of the truth so irresistible that I feel the need to visit your pretentously linked 'response' (so I haven't, and I won't), but I'll leave your link for those who want to have another laugh at your expense.

Finally, thank you for visiting my blog and demonstrating to all and sundry exactly what sort of intellectual lightweight and complete phoney you really are.

The laugh's on you, Douglass.


The Merchant of Menace said...

Oh, yes, Douglas, I forgot to add - but then I am old and senile (what's your excuse?) - your violent and abusive diatribe was a not so neat diversion from the real issue which you chose to ignore.

The question remains: Why is it OK for you to mock an imaginary creature called 'God' but not for anyone to dare to do the same for the equally imaginary creatures known as Batman and Robin?

And please don't insult our intelligence by claiming that your objection was based on your alleged claim that the graphic used by Bob on GIFS about Batman and Robin was inaccurate. At my age, and with my heart condition, there's only so much raucous laughter I can indulge in.

Krystalline Apostate said...

Geez, I guess I got to Scotland before ye.
As usual, you took everything outta context.
If you'd gone to the link, it was a written apology.
Seriously, what's wrong w/you? It's a minor difference of opinion. You're twisting this up into some bizarre strawman diagnosis.
You're REALLY ninety years old? I thought that was a nom-de-plume.
I won't be returning. Your vile slanders on my character reveal just how twisted up you are inside.
I hope you grow up someday, but it sounds like it's too late for that.

The Merchant of Menace said...

I would just like to take this opportunity to say a sincere thank you to all of those people from GIFS who e-mailed me expressing their support for me and also their shock at "Krystalline Apostate's" intemperate comments and threats of violence.

I would also like to reassure those people that I will respect their desire for anonymity since, in the words of one of them, "...I don't want to be on the receiving end of [KA's] foul-mouthed abuse...his threat [of violence] is a real eye-opener...that's no way to respond to fair comment...he's just turning decent people away from [GIFS]..."

Quite so.

The Merchant of Menace said...

Re your last comment KA, I am not surprised that you are promising not to come back to my blog, for you are unable to deal with the question which I put to you on GIFS and again here: "Why is it OK for you to mock an imaginary creature called 'God' but not for anyone to dare to do the same for the equally imaginary creatures known as Batman and Robin whom you apparently revere so much?"

As for your spurious claim that what has happened between us is only a "minor difference of opinion", let me point out that you were the one who introduced the foul-mouthed gutter-language that you are obviously so familiar with into the GIFS thread and again here, and you also threatened me with physical violence for daring to question you. If that's how you deal with a "minor difference of opinion", then all I can say is that you are seriously deranged and on the verge of being a danger to others if not yourself. But, hey, you already know that, don't you?

In conclusion, you really should stay away from commenting here, for you will be bested every time you do so - and you know it.

Goodbye, Douglas, and enjoy yourself.

Lynda said...

Gee, I hope you're not going to let some "words" hurt you and not come back to play in the GifS playground.
Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words....
I think I understood your comments about the portrayal of these fictional characters. I revere no one. Reverence for anyone is a dangerous game.

You have offered some excellent challenges to my logic on occasion and I find that refreshing and I have never felt like you "talk down" to me (perhaps I'm just too dense to get it????).

Anyway, I do hope to see you back at GifS even if I'm alone in my regard for your considerable depth of insight.

Does KA know what "bipolar" is? I don't think so.

Lynda said...

I'm wondering now if I may have been rather insensitive to the feelings regarding the treatment you received at GifS. I wanted to clarify.

I'm not trying to make excuses for someone's behavior. People who resort to abusive language to deal with calmly worded comments show a lack of discipline at the least and questionable mental health at worst.

My main concern is that you will allow the undisciplined behavior of one or two visitors prevent you from discussion with others who value your input.

KA may want to consider that those who become so unhinged when they are accused of having bigotry issues should consider how their language or attitudes convey their beliefs. Clarity is better served by a reasonable response and perhaps some examples of one's position rather than just declaring, "No, I'm not!"
If someone misinterprets my intent or beliefs based on something I write or say, I try to clarify for them, not throw out a bunch of abuses which serves to neither enlighten nor correct.

The Merchant of Menace said...


As always, your comments merit respect, but before dealing with them I would like to express my particular appreciation to you for taking the trouble to register with Blogger just so that you could comment here. In addition, I would like to add my thanks to you for your generosity in doing so and for your obvious sincerity; your words of support were also kindly received, and I thank you for them.

I have always enjoyed your comments on GIFS, even those which I did not feel the need to reply to, for they were always considered, argued well, delivered with a civilised decorum, and frequently challenging in the best of possible ways. And I have never ‘talked down’ to you for the simple reason that I have always considered you an equal, though I hope that you will not think me presumptuous for saying so. Frankly, your posts on GIFS are always worth reading and are superior to many of the others there, mine own included.

As to your wondering that your first comment here may have sounded rather insensitive, I can assure you that it did not. Besides, you came across as the completely genuine person I have always believed you to be, and that is a quality which also shines through all you posts on GIFS.

Regarding my returning to GIFS and posting there again, I do not think that it would be a good idea, especially now that ‘KS’ has demonstrated that he is unable to control his peculiar enmity towards me, clearly wishes to silence me for reasons best know to himself, and, as a Moderator, has the power to delete any comments I may try to make there. Nevertheless, I will miss reading your elegant and though-provoking comments.

In conclusion, I wish you all the best in your endeavours, Lynda, and I thank you most sincerely for having the integrity and courage to post your comments here.

In the unlikely event that you may wish to contact me again, you are always free to do so via this blog or, if you prefer more private correspondence, I can post an email address here for you should you want it.

Yours Aye,

The Old Git.


Lynda said...

I put your blog on my bookmarks so I will be back to read what you've posted here.
I'm glad you took my comments as I meant them to be taken. One is never entirely sure that their words will be understood as intended, especially when written allowing no facial expressions or body language to help convey meaning.
Although in the case with KA it appears having some physical barrier separating you is a good thing. ;)

Lynda said...

Since you may not be back to GifS I will show you what I've posted there for KA:
Also, I read your “apology” to Old Git. Not much of one, is it? At Old Git’s blog you threaten to hit him were he within striking distance which suggests you may need to consider anger management classes. I found your response to Old Git’s initial comments here very disturbing and I am fearful that someone with a great ability to think critically is no longer going to visit GifS as a result. This is a true shame as far as I’m concerned, but what do I know? (Not much, I admit.) I’ve been reading too much by Carl Sagan lately I guess. Now there was a thinker with some class!

The Merchant of Menace said...


If I were to describe the high opinion I have of you of you it would likely embarrass you, so I'll proffer some criticism instead.

You are far too deprecating of your own considerable abilities and qualities, for not only are you one of the most capable people posting on GIFS, you are the most genuine and courageous I have encountered there, bar none, for I doubt that anyone else has stood up to 'KA' and posted anything in my favour.

Furthermore, you are correct in what you said; "KA's" so-called 'apology' was no apology at all, despite his claims here and on GIFS that he had done so. Nevertheless, I'll bet that his spurious claim to have apologised to me was sufficient for the less scrupulous commentators on GIFS to congratulate him for his generosity in making such a gesture. Unfortunately, by daring to speak up for me there, I fear that you may attract their hostility and opprobrium; I do hope not, for you are better than all of them.

Once again your words demonstrate your honesty, courage, and willingness to stand up for what you believe is right. You are to be commended for that and I, for one, hold you in the highest regard for being so absolutely genuine; I only hope that others do too.

BTW, the invitation to correspond by e-mail is still there, should you ever wish to avail yourself of it but, one way or another, I hope that we keep in touch, for yours is a friendship that is clearly worth having.

All the best to you, Lynda, and take care.

Yours Aye,

The Old Git.

The Merchant of Menace said...

Hmm, the situation is as I feared; Krystalline Apostate has now been highly offensive and abusive to Lynda over on the GIFS thread for daring to stand up to him and for expressing support for me. Fortunately Lynda is capable of defending herself with her customary tact and decorum from KA's reprehensible bully-boy tactics and is more than able to best him.

Admittedly I am unsurprised at KA's behaviour, but what does surprise me is the smarmy and dishonest role that Stardust has adopted in defending him and attacking me - and obliquely having a go at Lynda - but not openly, you understand, not on the GIFS thread, but as a comment on KA's own blog in his thread with the alleged 'apology' to me.

Still, I suppose you must have your reasons, eh Star? After all, where would GIFS be if it wasn't for KA's "Sunday Sermons", as they are rather grandiosely called.

Krystalline Apostate said...

I'd like to say I'm at a loss for words, but then I'd not be posting.
You should be thanking me for actually getting someone to read your blog, I think.
Let's clarify:
You accuse me of twisting facts & revering some goddamn (oh, can I say that word? Will he twist it to mean something else? Fuck it) picture.
Logically, if I was feeling 'religious awe' towards Batman, I as a moderator w/admin rights, could've taken the picture out/modified it/deleted the post. I did none of those things.
There. Deflated your specious logic right there.
I'm neither a homophobe nor a self-loathing misogynistic homosexual. How can I convince you otherwise. I CAN'T. Because you (in your 'objective' analysis) have already diagnosed me, in lieu of a psychiatric degree.
I'll tell you what: I won't say anything online I wouldn't say to your face.
You want 2 grand for a 2$ insult, well, I ain't paying that much.
I've never deleted 1 comment in GiFs. You of course, won't believe that.
There, you go ahead & twist that to your own devices. It seems that's what you're best at.
I'd also like to know really, honestly, who sent you these vast bags of email. Because I haven't received 1 rebuking me for my treatment about you. It can't be because I'll threaten them w/violence: I've never met anyone besides Jimmer.
I'm not trying to make excuses for someone's behavior. People who resort to abusive language to deal with calmly worded comments show a lack of discipline at the least and questionable mental health at worst.
& apparently you like your men to be emasculated.
Oh, oops! Sorry! The Liberal CodeBook of Ethics doesn't allow me to say stuff like that!
Really, why should I respect your opinion anyways? You didn't even have the moxie to tell TOG he's wrong on any of his points.
You 2 should be very happy together, since neither of you challenges each other.

The Merchant of Menace said...

Back again KA?

Seems your desire to bluster and be abusive to people is more important to you than your declared intention not to return here, Douglas. Quite amusing, considering that you were the one who dismissed Lynda as suffering from obsessional-compulsive disorder simply because she took you to task for you intemperate language and threats of physical violence on the GIFS thread, even though her behaviour has never indicated that she suffers from that condition. But then you are clearly an expert on mental disorders, are you not?

It is also rather amusing that you resort to all your aggressive circumlocutions, distortions and ad hominems yet still fail to address the reasonable question I asked on GIFS (and again here) which apparently drove you to respond in such an abusive and unmerited way: “Why is it OK for you to mock an imaginary creature called 'God' but not for anyone to dare to do the same for the equally imaginary creatures known as Batman and Robin?”

You know, it really is not good enough for you to hide behind the declaration that you won’t say anything on-line that you won’t say to someone’s face, since that in no way gives you carte blanche to initiate abusive and intemperate ad hominems in response to a reasonably worded comment.

Typically, however, you do not like it when others respond to you in a similar fashion and that’s when you resort to threats of physical violence - threats which you are clearly capable of carrying out with your 30+ years of martial arts training behind you.

From an uninterested outsider’s point of view, it would appear that you resort to intemperate language in order to provoke a verbal reaction in others which you then use as justification to express your pent-up violence and that you feel secure in doing so due to your expertise in martial arts.

It is also interesting that you are so ready to suggest that men who will not indulge in a physical fight with you are emasculated, whilst knowing full well that you are likely to meet few opponents who are as adept and expert at martial arts as you yourself, so that there is little chance of your fight being one of between equals.

The foregoing is the classic definition of cowardice, Douglas, and it goes hand in hand with bullying, which your conduct also demonstrates.

The offensive style of your attacks on Lynda is also completely unmerited, as are the ad hominems you have directed at her, both here and on GIFS. They are also false, for Lynda has often questioned points I have made, yet she has always done so in a civilised manner using ratiocination and evidence, and she has never responded to anyone’s posts with the offensive language and ad hominem abuse that you are so ready to use – regard your own responses to her here and on GIFS, for example.

Now, I suggest that you stop protesting too much, Douglas, for the more you say, the more you demonstrate to everyone who is neither a sycophant nor frightened of you exactly what sort of a person you really are.

Krystalline Apostate said...

Okay, let's recap:
You accuse me of 'worshiping' Batman (how stupid that sounds? Very), I say, no I don't, you then continue on making an unbased claim. I slap you down online, you immediately run bawling to your own blog, & post a bunch of slanderous lies/ad hominems. I lose my temper, call you a name. You embark on an ad hominem strawman diagnosis. I man up & realize I was wrong to lose my temper, but apparently that's insufficient. In the meantime, not only do you continue to make up some truly egregious crap about me, but you start crying about 'conspiracy', & you base your misdiagnoses on your hurt feelings.
I purposely misdiagnosed Lynda to make a point, a context you conveniently drop.
As to the emasculation point, obviously the 2 of you live in some little utopia where atheists don't speak to 1 another like that.
Oh, wait, I get it: you both want free passes, because we're all atheists. Sorry, fresh out. You'd both be cheering if I take a theist to task, but not '1 our own'.
& both of you, like theists, try to dictate the dialogue. So, if somebody doesn't behave in accordance w/your mutual Polyanna-esque code of behavior, well then, they're just troglodytes! Get the straitjacket!
You, mein freund, have a double-standard that I envy - how can look yourself in the mirror?
& here, though obviously it'll do no damn good (since you've passed pronouncement ex cathedra):
“Why is it OK for you to mock an imaginary creature called 'God' but not for anyone to dare to do the same for the equally imaginary creatures known as Batman and Robin?”It's a fictional character, you idiot. Of course it's fine. I've already shattered that stupid logic w/my previous post.
So you go right ahead & pretend to yourself that you've won some imaginary victory. Or better yet, share it w/your therapist.

The Merchant of Menace said...

You just can’t stay away, can you KA? Despite your avowed claim that you won’t be returning here; so much for you being a man of your word, Douglas. Your need to be humiliated must drive you to extraordinary lengths, or has your continued presence here more to do with your other famous claim, namely that you ”LOVE talking about [yourself]!”(sic)

As for your revisionist ‘recap’ and entirely spurious version of events, I have no need to demolish your duplicitous distortions and drivelling diatribe since the facts speak for themselves – and none of them support you, I’m afraid. Quite amusing, really, since you are the man who once famously posted this gem: ”We as atheists have an obligation (IMHO) to review all facts carefully, before pronouncing on something, is all.”

I do not propose to grace your latest distorted and delusional rendition of events with a detailed rebuttal for, in my professional experience, psychotics are almost incapable of acknowledging external reality without the assistance of pharmaceutical intervention. However, to recap briefly – and accurately - it was you who responded to a perfectly polite post of mine on GIFS by using intemperate and abusive gutter language and told me, effectively, to ‘fuck off’ back to my own blog. You then visited this blog and left comments on it using even cruder and more abusive language towards me together with threats of physical violence. At no time have you apologised to me – not that I would have expect it from you – and neither have you apologised to Lynda for the unwarranted and highly personal abuse which you heaped on her, both here and on GIFS, despite the fact that she has always used polite and civilised language in her dealings with you. And now, to cap it all, you now falsely accuse me of ”crying about 'conspiracy'” when you are the only person who has raised that spectre.

Now, instead of continually hectoring people about them needing to seek therapy, I suggest that you take your own advice as you clearly have a great many problems that need addressing, not the least being that your ridiculous claim to have ”shattered [their] stupid logic” demonstrates your complete lack of insight.

No doubt your compulsions will drive you back here though I cannot always guarantee to give you the attention you so obviously need. But, hey, since you are so ready to diagnose other people’s problems, perhaps you can now sort yourself out without further assistance from me.

Cheery pip, Douglas.

Lynda said...

KA addressed this to me: "apparently you like your men to be emasculated."Now that I've stopped laughing, I'd love to see KA say this to my husband's face. He was a US Marine sniper and has the ultra-masculine confidence to live with a very opinionated and argumentative woman.
Obviously KA has spent little time reading any threads at GifS where Old Git and I disagreed on subjects.

Lynda said...

"As for your revisionist ‘recap’ and entirely spurious version of events, I have no need to demolish your duplicitous distortions and drivelling diatribe since the facts speak for themselves – and none of them support you, I’m afraid. Quite amusing, really,"As you wrote so eloquently, KA's perception of reality is quite amusing. Some CBT might be useful to him, but I doubt he'd take kindly to the suggestion.

The Merchant of Menace said...


Better be careful what you say here, otherwise 'Stardust' will accuse you on KA's blog of "singing my praises" again, before going on to imply that you would not do so if you knew the real reasons for my having left GIFS in the past.

Oh, and just in case anyone missed the real reasons for my previous action and has been mislead by the innuendoes and smears put around about me by KA and Star - I leave this link for those interested in the true version of events. Whilst the whole thread is edifying, the actual facts are detailed best in my response to Stardust about one-third down the page(time-stamped (9:18AM).

Krystalline Apostate said...

Okay, let's straighten something out here: I began cross-posting @ my own blog BECAUSE of your rift @ GiFs. I never ever saw the post in question, so I have no yardstick to judge on either/or. Since then, no one's ever deleted a post or a comment I've made, & that was HOW long ago? Asking that all your comments be deleted as well is...well, it's bizarre.
For the record, I lost my temper because you accused me of a # of things that were patently WRONG. Your entire post, if we were using our real names, is something I would've promptly contacted a lawyer about. It's called libel. Seeing as we're not, had I posted something similar about you, you would not be in high dudgeon?
I somewhat doubt that anyone here has a medical degree, so I'll be skipping the CBT, or the other ridiculous suggestions.
Lynda, the reason I said you prefer 'emasculated men', is because you seem to want to dictate the behavior of select people, mainly myself. It's smacks of Skinner behaviorism, but then I lack a degree myself. I apparently owe you an apology as well, regardless of whom you're married to.
This has all the earmarks of a middle school verbal scuffle, it's ridiculous, & again for the record, I was civilized enough to provide an apology. Apparently, TOG's not adult enough to accept it.
I'll leave you 2 to this mutual admiration society. It's obvious that you folks don't know how to forgive, & that passion isn't the same thing as pathology.

The Merchant of Menace said...


Your inability to stay away is matched only by your inaccuracy.

Nevertheless, you now acknowledge that you “…never ever saw the post in question, so [you] have no yardstick to judge on….” yet that did not preclude you from implying on the GIFS ‘WooHoo’ thread that I had not taken the action I had in the past for principled reasons.

You continue by admitting that you had “…lost [your] temper [at me] because [I] accused [you] of a # of things that were patently WRONG”. Neverthless, that is also patently untrue, since your initial intemperate and vituperative outburst was in response to an accurate, perfectly reasonable and politely worded comment of mine, viz:

“I’ve got some news for you - ‘God’, ‘Jesus’ and all the rest of them are fictional too, but I find it amazing that this furore concerning the fictional Batman and Robin’s implied sexuality seems to have ruffled more delicate sensibilities than all the other stuff that this site is allegedly about.

Seems that theists are not the only people to revere imaginary entities or take exception to them being caricatured.

How peculiar.

Perhaps it is time to move on?”
There is nothing WRONG with the foregoing comment. Batman & Robin are imaginary, and you did take exception to them being caricatured, but my suggestion that it was time to move on to other issues seemed apposite though you chose to launch a vindictive attack on me instead.

As for your apology, if that was indeed what it was, then I accept it in the same way that I am sure you will accept mine.

In conclusion, may I now reiterate the suggestion I originally made on GIFS:"Perhaps it is time to move on?”Hopefully you will heed the advice this time.

Lynda said...

Off topic, but I'd like your opinion on a story posted at GifS about the recent statement by a papal preacher about the atheist bus campaign. Story posted by Star under "Another one that will piss you off". You'll see my comment there. (If you don't want to comment at GifS perhaps you could comment here or write a post yourself about it.) Thanks!

Lynda said...

Thanks for posting the link to update me on some of what happened in 2007 at GifS. In the summer of 2007 when all this was happening I was without a computer in the middle of a move.
I am very curious about what you posted that caused such a reaction and deletion of your post. Considering the posts that I've read since I first attended GifS it seems very odd that you were able to come up with something that anyone considered out of the norm for the site. Very bizarre indeed.

I may just quit GifS myself as my husband says I'm wasting my time there. He's likely right as it does distract me from the book he says I'm suppose to be writing.

The Merchant of Menace said...


Re your first comment: your comment on Star's thread re the psychopathic Fr Cantaniamessa was excellent but, unfortunately, people like him are so divorced from objective reality that they simply cannot hear you - not that they want to listen anyway. In short, even if 'God' himself could tell these people that they were deluded, they simply wouldn't believe it.

Re your second comment: the incident is closed as far as I am concerned and I have no desire to open it up again, suffice to say that KA and Star brought it up again (him on GIFS in the 'WooHoo' thread and she on his blog allegedly apologising to me) and I simply could not allow them to get away with maligning my principles and distorting the facts, which was why I posted a link to what really happened rather than allowing them to get away with smearing me with distortions of the truth.

Having said that, and now having received KA's acknowledgement that his offensive comments about my reasons for leaving GIFS in the past were unfounded, I am prepared to let the matter rest as the established facts speak for themselves, despite a certain female person's smears on KA's blog and concluding the GIFs thread.

As for your husband's advice, I think I would probably concur with it if I were the sort of person who handed out advice. Your energies and considerable talent would be better utilised in writing your book rather than frittering away your time elsewhere.

Having said that, you are always welcome to return here.

Yours Aye,


Krystalline Apostate said...

I will leave (finally!) w/this final commentary:
I didn't like nor did I get along w/Naomi. In fact, I thought she was an extremist, so when she deleted your post, & your subsequent retreat (to an outsider, it looked incredibly graceless), I thought, 'holy shit, it must've been bad'.
My apology is for losing my temper, nothing else.
I will outline this in bold, so you understand the gravity of your accusations:
I can safely say, that I have NEVER lied to anyone in all the years I've been blogging. That's right. NEVER. I'm a WYSIWYG person, & I always will be.

The Merchant of Menace said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Merchant of Menace said...

Sorry, KA, had to remove my response due to too many typos but here is the corrected version:

"I didn't like nor did I get along w/Naomi."Which goes to show that you can be an exemplary judge of character at times.

"...when she deleted your post, & your subsequent retreat..."Standing up for one's principles and making it clear that one is doing so is not a retreat. I was frank and open about my intentions, which I discussed with Stardust before I acted and even she had the grace then to admit that Naomi had been wrong to act as she had done.

Besides, Naomi's reasons for deleting my post had absolutely nothing to do with its content but was prompted by my unwillingness to exchange provocative private messages with her.

Please note that I am not saying any of this to reopen those issues, but simply to correct the offensive and incorrect reasons you gave on the 'WooHoo' thread for my actions.

"...(to an outsider, it looked incredibly graceless)..."But if you were an outsider it was because you chose to ignore the facts which only I had the integrity to make public at the time (and these have never been rebutted, I may add) and therefore your conclusion that my decision was graceless was based on incomplete information and consequently ill-informed.

Admittedly I have never before made public Naomi's true motives but these were actually irrelevant since the reasons which she gave publicly for her actions just did not stand up to close scrutiny, as I have made clear both here and elsewhere. Therefore, your previous ignorance of Naomi's true motives did not make your charge against me any the less misplaced, to say the least.

"My apology is for losing my temper, nothing else."Frankly I was amazed that you had lost your temper at all, never mind the fact that you were apparently so ready to do so. Nevertheless, your apology is accepted. However, since I never lost my temper, it would appear that I have nothing to apologise for.

"I can safely say, that I have NEVER lied to anyone in all the years I've been blogging"Yet you accused me of having "stormed off in a hissy fucking fit [from GIFS]over a year ago" which was a complete falsehood for you have subsequently admitted that you did not know of the facts behind my principled decision for leaving GIFS. Nevertheless, I am prepared to be generous and retract my statement that you have been duplicitous and mendacious and attribute your falsehood to your injudicious intemperance and ill-informed opinion.

Perhaps you will now be prepared to take my oft-repeated advice and move on.

The situation is over as far as I am concerned.

The Merchant of Menace said...

Bugger it, the formatting is still not how it appeared in the preview so readers will just have to make sense of it as best they can.(Clue: the italicised portions are quoting KA, the rest is my response.)

Scotch said...

I've been reading and thoroughly enjoying Old Git's blogs for quite some time now, a couple of years, I think.

I don't follow other blogs in the atheist genre because I won't waste my time or energy reading confrontational and condescending diatribes written by people who don't know what they're talking about AND DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT THEY BELIEVE.

I've had this experience at Brights meetings too but at least there we are limited by being in-person at a public venue and people can't get totally out of hand.

I don't usually comment, because I don't see the need for babbling when I've nothing to say and I'm not the least bit interested in in-fighting with other non-believers, but I have to speak up now!

There's plenty I could say here but I'll just say this:

Shame on you KA for threatening physical violence - you present yourself kicking and cursing like a spoiled bully child! Blah, blah, blah about your excuses and "explanations." Old Git might be too old (and probably not inclined even if he wasn't) to give you the good physical thumping you deserve, but he's clearly stomped you here and you're a mighty sore loser.

Stop threatening people and work on your martial arts meditations, hothead. One day you’re going to challenge the wrong person. Geez, I almost wish it was me. And just to show that I don't feel I'm above you in any way, I'll climb right into the muck with you and say: It would be great fun if you pulled your tricks with me so this lowbrow barrio girl would get the opportunity to teach your tai chi renaissance man ass how to treat senior citizens!

The Merchant of Menace said...


I have just found your comment and apologise for not having done so sooner, but advancing years take their toll.

Thank you for your generous words and support in standing up to a bully.

All the best to you.