Saturday, April 11, 2009

Why We Must Give Religion The Respect It Deserves.

According to a recent article in the 'New Statesman'our quondam leader, Tony 'Baloney' B-liar said:
"Religion has never mattered more to the world than it does now."
Mr Mendacity went on to give his reason why:
"In this globalised world, we are more than ever interconnected, but we are also more uncertain. What were firm boundaries of race, culture and identity are becoming fluid. In such a world the involvement of religion becomes ever more crucial. It can either play a positive role, helping to deepen understanding and working for the common good, or it can be exploited to become destructive, emphasising difference and reinforcing distrust of the 'other'."
There follows paragraph after paragraph of mawkish prose in an attempt to justify Blair's own psychopathological need to 'do God', to use his own inimitable words, and why he thinks that it is important for the rest of us to give religion the respect (he thinks that) it deserves.

Normally, I would be happy to dissect Blair's empty rhetoric and expose it for the specious mumbo-jumbo it is, but this time Richard Dawkins has done it for me (and a far better job he has done of it that I could have). Dawkins' response can also be found in the 'New Statesman' but some of his best satire is reproduced here:
"...we need to understand and sympathise with the deep hurt and offence that a man can feel if we insult his traditional beliefs by trying to stop him beating his wife, or setting fire to his daughter or cutting off her clitoris (and please don’t let’s hear any racist or Islamophobic objections to these important expressions of faith). We shall support the introduction of sharia courts, but on a strictly voluntary basis – only for those whose husbands and fathers freely choose it."
To those of you who enjoy elegant prose, especially when it is satirical, I can do no better than direct you to Dawkin's piece in its entirety, the link to which is given above (or here for those who missed it).

But before you all rush off, let me just take issue with one of Blair's egregiously false statements:
"I set up the Tony Blair Faith Foundation make the case for religion as a force for good..."
Well, Tony, if you really wanted to do some good in the world (apart from promoting your own needy psychopathology and overblown self-esteem, that is) you would have set up a foundation to expose religion, ALL RELIGION, as the completely specious nonsense that it is. However, I suspect that you have always subscribed to the following words ascribed to Cardinal Caraffa (subsequently Pope Paul IV) for these demonstrate the only justification for religion apart from it being a means of controlling the masses by duplicitous exploiters, pathological manipulators and complete charlatans like yourself:
"Populus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur (the public wishes to be fooled, therefore let it be fooled)."
Unfortunately for you, Tony, and all the exploitative scum who hold some religious office, the public are becoming more and more aware of the fact the basis of all religion is based on nothing more than mumbo-jumbo and has no basis in objective fact whatsoever.

To paraphrase Georges Rey, Tony, at some level you are a liar, but then we all knew that.


furiosus said...

hi, I´m from Germany, and I apologize for my bad English. I´m very delighted having found this blog - go on and on, MoM!
Besides: the proverb is "mundus vult decipi" (= the world will be...), and it seems to be earlier than Paul IV (v. wikipedia) - sorry, it would be more suitable to a pope - in our sense

The Merchant of Menace said...

Thanks for your input, furiosus.

The original form and who first uttered it is academic. The essence of the matter is that Caraffa's quote confirms what any intelligent person has worked outfor himself: religion is simply a means of controlling the ignorant and needy masses by duplicitous exploiters, pathological manipulators and complete charlatans - and it's being kind to describe them as such.