Thursday, April 16, 2009

Women Are To Blame, Says Religious Leader

So, the loonies have escaped from the asylum once again, though I don't suppose that the Saudi Arabian Muslim cleric, Sheikh Muhammad al-Habadan, considers himself as mad, though he is undoubtedly completely stark-raving bonkers and a misogynist to boot.

According to this clownish cleric, allowing women to show both eyes peering from behind a niqab encourages them to be seductive, so he wants them to be forced to cover up one eye and thereby restrict their ability to drive good Muslim men into paroxysms of uncontrollable erotic fantasies and distract them from the teachings of Allah.

Well, apart from it being just plain wrong to blame women qua women for the actions of lascivious men, the proposal is clearly unworkable, since women with only one eye peering from their niqab could be accused of giveing men the 'come on' every time they blinked naturally.

A better suggestion for Sheikh al-Habadan to have made is that all Muslim women should be blinded in both eyes with a sharp stick so that they couldn't use those organs for seducing otherwise good Muslim men from the narrow path of the faithful.

Of course that would be unlikely to stop those wanton women from flaunting themselves seductively in other ways, so it might be better if the good Sheikh also suggested that they had both their tits carved off with a blunt scimitar and their vagina's stuffed full of broken glass, for surely no Muslim man would find them desirable then.

There is another way to address the problem of women leading men astray, however: cut the dicks of every Muslim man, starting with Sheikh Muhammad al-Habadan!

And without the use on anaesthetic too.

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Ben said...

I love your work! A voice of courageous reason in the darkness. I think we have been pandering to outrageous muslim extremism for far too long under the guises of political correctness, tolerance and multiculturalism. I have come to realize that it is simply impossible to tolerate islam, and if muslims immigrate to secular nations then they must swear allegiance to secular laws and values. Things like hijabs are slippery slope items toward extremism; the oppression of women begins, and then men are unopposed in their misogyny and blame of the other (women and infidels) for their own actions. Many of us in the press also fear fattwahs being put against us - such as befell a certain Danish cartoonist. If one reads the Qu'ran one will soon realize that it is simply impossible to tolerate Islam as their very text, which is the supposed irrefutable word of God, instructs them to kill all of us who are not muslim. How can one be a moderate of such a religion when the instruction is point blank and without any ambiguity?