Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shock, Horror: Some Priests Tell The Truth!

As a result of my regular claims that all administrants of religion are mendacious charlatans I was invited the other day to meet a coterie of priests who claimed that they spoke nothing but the truth, which they would demonstrate to me were I to visit them.

As I am unafraid of a challenge, and expecting nothing more than the usual specious nonsense allegedly substantiating the existence of the entity which religionists refer to as 'god', I attended the meeting.

How surprised I was, for these priests were completely frank with me and readily admitted what I have known ever since I was capable or thinking rationally for myself. 'Gods' (yes, plural, for thousands of them have been imagined by their competing inventors over the millennia), exist in the minds of their soi-disant believers only. Furthermore, those who claim to believe suffer from either psychological deficits or a cripplingly low intelligence, excepting only the majority of those who are administrants, as these are simply exploitative sociopathic manipulators of the others.

At least one has to acknowledge the candour of the clerics I met, even if their trade, based as it is on human exploitation, is truly vile. But then, as they readily admitted, it beats working for a living, though I dare say that drug-dealers, pornographers, pimps and other kinds of low-life sleaze-merchants can offer the same justification for parasiting off their host societies and at the expense of their victims.

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