Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Another Lying Prelate - Vainglorious Venner!

So here he is in all his mendacious self-glorification, Dr Stephen Venner the out-going Bishop of Dover and Bishop in Canterbury. This vainglorious charlatan has gone on record in the 'Kent on Sunday' condemning the BBC Radio Kent's decision to drop the Thought for the Day religious programme from its Saturday slot.

According to this self-serving parasite and mendacious deluder of the the ignorant, the needy, the delusional and all those who are psychopathologically challenged, "All that is best [in society] comes from people of faith".

So I take it as read, Stevie, that you consider that the Twin Towers incident in September 2001 or the London Bombings in July 2007 - to name but two 'contributions' to society by "people of faith" - were something to applaud; after all, the perpetrators of those atrocities believed in the same so-called 'god' as you!

And then there is the matter of the homophobia, misogyny, and promulgation of superstitious nonsense which the organisation you belong to exemplifies. (Just to remind less knowledgeable readers, it was Stevie-boy here who broke down in tears as he told the General Synod of the Church of England in July 2008 that, "for the first time in my life I am ashamed" at its decision to ignore the misogynistic views of church traditionalists like himself by allowing the adoption of women bishops.)

Clearly, therefore, Stevie is not ashamed that he has spent a lifetime lying about the existence of his so-called 'god', despite no-one over the millennia ever having been able to produce a single scintilla of credible empirical evidence to support this make-believe entity's existence he claims to 'believe' in. But, hey, why let a little matter like proof trouble you, Stevie, when you can so readily ignore and egregiously disparage all the worthwhile contributions that atheists have made to society.

The measure of this man's megalomania and delusional psychopathy is exemplified by comments he made recently about his impending retirement:
"The time for us to bid farewell is several months away, and I know that in the meantime we shall continue to discover what God is doing among us, and to seek to join in."
I seem to recollect that Maggie Thatcher also used the royal 'we' and was roundly excoriated for it, but clearly Bish Vainglorious Venner suffers from the same overweening sense of self-importance.

As far as I'm concerned, Stevie, the sooner you go the better, as it is "people of faith" like you who have fomented and perpetrated much of the evil and horrors that mankind has endured over the millennia at your hands.

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