Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Kosher Drug-Dealer

According to the BBC, Rabbi Baruch Chalomish, pictured, has been accused of being a dealer of Class A drugs, namely cocaine, but he has denied the charge and claimed that he uses the drug only to help him sleep - oh, and to give it away to young women who visited him in a rented flat for a 'party'.

Chalomish's co-accused, partner and former convicted drug-dealer, Nasir Abbas, who has now followed Montague Tigg's example and 'done a bunk', told the Court that the good Rabbi was so overcome with generosity for his fellow man - and women - that he put "[the drug] in a glass dish [before cutting it] with another substance, and anyone visiting [their flat] was free to help themselves." 

Since Chalomish is a Rabbi, presumably he took pains to ensure that this mixture fulfilled the requirements of kashrut. Either that, or he simply didn't care as long as he was getting his rocks off.

Question for the Rabbi: Is it kosher to fellate someone?

Answer: Only if they've been circumcised first!

The fact that Rabbi Chalomish  "...also had a substantial store of drugs, cocaine, and cash at his home address"  does not demonstrate anything other than his complete integrity and also the fact that he is a worthy exemplar to his community.

 The trial continues.

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