Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Muslim Murderers At It Again - And All In The Name of Religion!

Today, the BBC have yet another sad report about the backward, barbaric, brutal butchers in Somalia lapidating a poor divorced woman to death for the so-called crime of adultery - and all in the name of their misbegotten, backward and thoroughly ridiculous religion.

According to reports, the woman was taken to the public grounds where she was buried up to her waist, then she was stoned to death in front of the crowds on Tuesday afternoon.

Naturally her boyfriend was spared her gruesome and inhumane death, as he was let off rather lightly with a mere 100 lashes. So much for the equality of women under Islam.

And all this in the name of their sick, misogynistic religious superstitious beliefs!

 Mind you, anyone who seriously believes that  Muhammad flew to Paradise on the back of a horse is capable of believing any nonsense whatsoever.

Fucking madmen all of them!

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