Monday, December 14, 2009

Bishop Venner Praises Taliban Murderers

Vainglorious Venner has been at it again, but this time the sanctimonious creep, homophobe, misogynist, thoroughly duplicitous and reprehensible human being has been forced to retract a recent statement he made to the Daily Telegraph regarding those Muslim murderers, misogynists, and drug-dealers, otherwise known as the Taliban. What makes Venner's latest outrageous statement so newsworthy is that the Taliban are at this very moment intent on murdering every British soldier in Afghanistan - and already they have butchered some 100 of the poor sods this year - whilst Peeved Steve Venner picks up a handsome salary for officiating as the 'Church of England’s Bishop to the Forces'. What a sick fucking joke.

When challenged for his egregious outburst on local television tonight, Shithead Venner first withdrew his praise for the Taliban, after admitting that he had never met any of them and that he really didn't know what they stood for apart from 'supporting each other and being solid in their faith', then  went on to say that it was as wrong to regard all members of the Taliban as bad as it had been to regard all Germans as members of the Nazi Party during World War II. As if that non sequitur was in any way relevant , which it is not, or excused Venner's egregious exhortations of support for the Taliban. Not that we should be surprised at Venner's support for the Taliban, for in his eyes they are 'people of faith'  and are worthy of respect per se, even if their faith is inimical to the faith of himself and those of us of no faith whatsoever. Nevertheless, there is one thing on which Venner and the Taliban do agree, and that is that women have no place in their so-called god's ministries, for this was the man who burst out in tears when the Church of England voted to ordain women Bishops and claimed that he had never been so ashamed  about anything in his life as by the Church's decision to go against so-called 'biblical teaching'.

Maybe it's time to send Venner to Helmand for a protracted holiday, protected only by his so-called 'faith', to meet the Taliban and tell them how nice he thinks they are.

Frankly, if they murdered him, as one hopes they would, it would be a genuine blessing to the rest of us.

Hypocritical fuckwit!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Faith Is For Phoneys - Or Nutters!

He's at it again, Dr Rowan Williams, the Arch-Buffoon of Durovernum, whining on that all intelligent people who are not psychopathologically damaged correctly identify those who profess to have religious faith as "oddities". Moreover, the Bleating Buffoon wants our political leaders to be:
"...more open about their beliefs."
Except, of course when their beliefs are what the rest of us recognise as justified true beliefs and correctly identify soi-disant religious believers as either the phoneys or nutters that they undoubtedly are.