Monday, March 29, 2010

Supreme Arrogance And Arrant Nonsense!

Benny Ratsarse was at his duplicitous and mendacious best again by effectively announcing yesterday that neither he nor his evil little empire covered up for the crimes of paedophile priests in their midst.

Nothing could be more indicative of Benny's supreme arrogance and failure to grasp reality, however, than his absolutely breathtaking statement which dismissed all the claims by the damaged victims of predatory paedophilic priests as "petty gossip".

As for his response to the public outrage at the crimes covered up by Benny and the vile organisation which he represents, Ratsarse simply uttered more arrant nonsense and trite mumbo-jumbo:
"Christ guides us towards goodness and does not let us be disarmed by ingratitude."
So much for the oft-proclaimed utter falsehood uttered by so-called 'Christians' that...
"all morality comes from God".
Unsurprisingly, it seems that those who claim to be spokespersons for this so-called 'God' have absolutely no morality whatsoever. But then only a complete fool who was as out of touch with reality as those who claim to 'believe' in 'God' would expect the Pope and his minions to be moral, for Il Poopoo and his gang of criminals have spent their lifetimes deliberately lying to the credulous, ignorant,  psychologically needy and damaged.

The sooner this nasty little (ex)Nazi and his gang of swindlers and liars are consigned to the dustbin of history, the better. And that goes for the paedophiles amongst them too, but not before they have spent time in prison for their disgusting crimes against some of the most vulnerable members of humanity.