Monday, April 05, 2010

The RC Church Still Fails To Grasp Reality!

After the earlier outrageous comments by leading lights in the RC Church during their much vaunted 'Easter Week' (see here and here), no further evidence should be required to prove that this corrupt organisation still fails to grasp reality. However, the comments yesterday by Cardinal Angelo Sodano, Dean of the College of Cardinals, demonstrate just how completely out of touch ALL of this wicked and evil gang of charlatans and abusers really are.

Sodano - pictured - (or 'Angie Sod me' to his pals in the expensive silk gowns that they love to adorn themselves with), tried to ingratiate himself with his boss, Benny Ratsarse AKA 'Il Poopoo', with this egregiously sycophantic statement echoing Benny's own earlier comment which was reported here:
"The people of God are with you and do not allow themselves to be impressed by the petty gossip of the moment."
Whilst Sod-me's remarks were cheered vociferously by the mindless crowd of immoral morons in St. Peter's Square yesterday, decent people elsewhere were highly critical. As Barbara Blaine, from the US-based Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP), said:
"Victims are seeking consolation and healing and should not be insulted and told that our speaking out is petty gossip."
Notably Sodano's comment was made after Il Poopoo's personal priest, Randy Cantalamessa had gone on record to apologise for the spurious and offensive comments he had made earlier in the week (see here) with this statement to the Corriere della Sera:
"If I inadvertently hurt the feelings of Jews and paedophilia victims, I sincerely regret it and I apologise."
Mind you,  Cantalamessa's retraction would have sounded more sincere if he had added,
"And the Church will do everything possible to assist the criminal authorities to prosecute  paedophile priests AND THOSE WHO COVERED UP FOR THEM!"
Unfortunately, the chances of that happening are about as slim as the RC Church admitting that it is only 'petty gossip' that their so-called 'God' exists anywhere other than in their diseased imaginations as clearly they are completely unable to grasp reality.

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