Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Truth About Paedophilia - By A Professional Tergivestator

In an important speech this week by that professional tergivestator, Cardinal Bertone (pictured),  the Holy See's Secretary of State and Benny Ratsare's most senior aide and arse-licker, he grudgingly acknowledged that both his master and the Roman Catholic Church had covered-up for predatory paedophile priests in their midst but added that unspecified 'research' had proved that it was their homosexuality which was exclusively to blame for their molestation of children. 

Notably, however, Bertone failed to provide any specific details of this alleged research, nor did he cite references to where peer-reviewed evidence substantiating it could be found, but his pronouncements simply must be true because he is, as already stated, the Holy See's Secretary of State and Benny Ratsare's most senior aide and arse-licker. Nevertheless, he should make his sources known, for clearly this research is of major import in proving his claims that:
  • molestation of children is exclusively a same-sex phenomenon;
  • there has never been cases of heterosexual child-abuse; 
  • the RC Church is right to excoriate homosexuality per se;
  • all Roman Catholic priests, especially senior one's like Bertone, speak nothing but the plain and unvarnished truth about absolutely everything.
 Bertone then concluded his speech with yet further revelatory evidence from this unspecified research to which he had referred:
  • All clerics are liars and dissemblers! 
 Unfortunately that admission went largely unreported, because every rational person already knows it to be absolutely true, unlike Bertone's entirely spurious claim that there is any serious research in existence evidencing causation between homosexuality and child-molestation. But then what can one expect from a man who is a professional tergivestator and who makes his living by exploiting the ignorant, superstitious, credulous and psychologically needy amongst us.

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