Thursday, June 09, 2011

'Pot, Kettle, Black' : Mr Phoney Speaks Out!

The Arch-Buffoon of Durovernum, Dr Rowan Williams (pictured) has lashed out today in The Telegraph at the UK's Coalition Government, by claiming that they are frightening people with threats and for introducing policies for which no-one voted. The sanctimonious and manipulative prat went on:

'The government needs to know how afraid people are.'

Astute readers will immediately be aware of the hypocrisy in Williams' attack, since his criticisms describe exactly the manipulative practices of the Church of England and the world-wide Anglican Communion which he heads.

Who else but clerics like Williams are masters of frightening people by telling them nonsense-tales that they face eternal torture and unimaginable horrors in some place called Hell if they don't go along with the lies and calumnies perpetrated by the charlatans, swindlers and the pathological manipulators who invented and run religions, whilst he and his kind live in a luxury that the majority can never afford?